Hello World

Hi there, let me take this opportunity to both welcome you and thank you for checking out my site. This is the obligatory first post, which is supposed to introduce you to me, the owner/writer and chief bottle washer for the site. I’m also supposed to let you know what I am planning for the site, if you care for that sort of thing.

So Who Am I?

My Name is Al Davis and I live just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada in a place called East Gwillimbury. It’s a nice little town directly adjacent to a larger but not too large a town, which makes it easy to get whatever I want, when I want it. By profession, I am a  Software Product manager, although I’m currently looking for my next opportunity. I’ll leave out the personal details for the time being, and move along to the what I am doing.

What Am I Going To Write About?

Thats actually a great question as while I site here typing away, I dont have any idea of what I am going to write about specifically. I might write about current events, NFL Football ( I’m a  huge football geek), cooking, more specifically low and slow BBQ, or whatever else I decide to write about. I’m not setting any rules about what I write, just making a proclamation that I want to write again. You see , once upon a time this site was called Sidewalk Chalk Drawings, where I wrote about anything and everything. This was around the same time as I started getting really serious about my career and felt that my website should be some sort of technical online magazine. I have a site where i pontificate on all things WordPress ( wpteach.com). That site is getting a revamp just like this one if you’re interested in checking it out.

As far as when I write I’m not committing to anything hard and fast but will try for a couple of times a week and the article length will vary, depending on mood and topic.

So I think I’ve covered the basics and will call this a good start to the new and improved website.

Until next time…

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