The List of Things I Want To Do- 2020 edition

I dont know about you, but I hate New Years resolutions. I dont know what it is with resolutions, it’s almost like they are a license to fail at the things. Everyone makes them as the new year approaches, tries to live up to them  and then two weeks later they admit defeat and forget about them.

With that said, I am taking a new approach to resolutions this year. Instead of resolving to do what I call the standards, ( eat better, lose weight, be less stressful, etc..),I’ve decided to compile a list of things I want to do in the coming year. This way, I will be doing things I like to do and hopefully enjoying things more. Instead of cursing at a salad because my resolution is to lose weight and I want a cheeseburger in place of the salad, I’ll be less likely to be miserable to the point of failing on a resolution I wasn’t fully committed to in the first place.

Now this isn’t me giving myself a pass on the standards, but  without the “pressure” of a resolution I can go at them in a manner similar to the one I used when I finally stopped smoking over a decade ago. The secret at that time was told to me by a friend who said it was ok to fail today at quitting smoking as long as I tried to quit tomorrow. And if I failed tomorrow I could start over the next day and so on. Using that approach, I was able to completely quit smoking in a month. Now I dont expect the same results when I apply this technique or mindset to the usual suspects of the new years resolution but this way I’m not putting myself under the unwanted pressure of trying to stick to a resolution.

So if I’m not doing the resolution thing this year what am I going to do you might ask? Simple, I am going to focus on doing things that I enjoy and have been neglecting over the years. By taking this approach I am committing to things I would enjoy rather than torturing myself with things I’m not fond of.

So without any further ado, and in no particular order, here’s my too early, it’s not even Christmas yet list of things I want to do in 2020:

  1. Play bass guitar again- I bought a new bass last year started out strong with the practicing and then faded. This year I want to play more, learn songs I’ve wanted to learn, and become a better musician than I am
  2. Spend more time with friends and family – I have some wonderful friends that I dont see or hear from enough and thats primarily on me. I’m terrible at getting together with friends or family on the spur of the moment or reaching out to see how things are. Thats going to change, and I am going to spend more time with the people that I care about.
  3. Write more- I love writing, despite thinking that I suck at it. So I am going to write more this year. And I am going to write on multiple sites this coming year so that should fill the need to be creative with words.
  4. Walk more-I used to love taking Dallas to the woods and going for a walk while she ran 100mph all over the place. It was very relaxing and was something Crystal and I would do on a regular basis on the weekends. I think we need to get back to that.
  5. Watch less TV- I tend to watch a lot of TV , especially during football season, and I’d like to curtail that some. So instead of watching TV, I would like to become involved in some capacity with a football team, hopefully as a coach, which means I need to get some certifications under my belt which should result in me spending less time in front of the TV.

So there you have it, my list of things I want to do in 2020. Check back in a few months to see how I did.

Back In The Kitchen

it’s been awhile since I have tried anything beyond the basic meat and potatoes in the kitchen, mainly due to the fact that the step kids dont like the type of stuff I typically make ( they are adverse to sauces of any kind unless it comes from a bottle labelled Heinz). So now that one has moved out and the other is rarely home for dinner due to her schedule, I decided it’s about time I step back behind the stove and start cooking again for Crystal and myself . After all, it’s one of the traits she says she fell in love with many years ago.

Knowing full well I was going to be rusty, I decided to try something new but fairly easy. I went for braised Beef Short Ribs on a bed of mashed potatoes. I know, it’s still qualifies as meat and potatoes cooking, but I have never done short ribs before, so it was new to me.

Without going into details about the recipe, ( I used one I found online that looked pretty simple), I was quite happy with the results. The meat was fall off the rib bone tender with tons of flavour, and well, mashed potatoes are mashed potatoes, which are pretty hard to screw up (the secret is heavy cream instead of milk).The picture to the right illustrates the final product.

All in all a successful entry into the kitchen with more to come.

Hello World

Hi there, let me take this opportunity to both welcome you and thank you for checking out my site. This is the obligatory first post, which is supposed to introduce you to me, the owner/writer and chief bottle washer for the site. I’m also supposed to let you know what I am planning for the site, if you care for that sort of thing.

So Who Am I?

My Name is Al Davis and I live just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada in a place called East Gwillimbury. It’s a nice little town directly adjacent to a larger but not too large a town, which makes it easy to get whatever I want, when I want it. By profession, I am a  Software Product manager, although I’m currently looking for my next opportunity. I’ll leave out the personal details for the time being, and move along to the what I am doing.

What Am I Going To Write About?

Thats actually a great question as while I site here typing away, I dont have any idea of what I am going to write about specifically. I might write about current events, NFL Football ( I’m a  huge football geek), cooking, more specifically low and slow BBQ, or whatever else I decide to write about. I’m not setting any rules about what I write, just making a proclamation that I want to write again. You see , once upon a time this site was called Sidewalk Chalk Drawings, where I wrote about anything and everything. This was around the same time as I started getting really serious about my career and felt that my website should be some sort of technical online magazine. I have a site where i pontificate on all things WordPress ( That site is getting a revamp just like this one if you’re interested in checking it out.

As far as when I write I’m not committing to anything hard and fast but will try for a couple of times a week and the article length will vary, depending on mood and topic.

So I think I’ve covered the basics and will call this a good start to the new and improved website.

Until next time…