Welcome to the new site

Once again I find myself sitting in front of a blank screen wondering how to put together the first post of the 400th redesign of my website (maybe it’s not that many, but it feels like it). I can’t decide if it should be a welcome to the new site here’s what we have planned for your enjoyment, some sort of formal declaration as to the intended purpose of the site, or some other such thing.

Seeing as the site this time around will be used to help me develop/improve as a writer, should I just dive in and write and publish a short story? Seems a little too soon for that just yet. Do I find a topic and write a piece on that, something along the lines of why athletes have the right to protest just like anyone else and their coaches/management/team owners should respect that right and not say a word or punish them in any way? Seems a bit controversial, perhaps.

In short, and seeing as this is just some sort of introductory piece, this site is for me to write about whatever I want to write about whether it be long form reads or short little blurbs. No tech talk, tutorials or anything like that. Just me. Writing. Looking for a voice, my voice.