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WordPress Users and Roles

WordPress uses a role based system to help determine what users can and cannot do within the site. A site owner can restrict whether or not their users can have access to things like creating and publishing posts, managing themes, moderating comments and so forth.... read more

CSS Selectors and Specificity

There are many different types of CSS selectors that help you target rules to specific elements within your HTML. The table below outlines the most commonly used selectors   SelectorDefinitionExample Universal SelectorApplies to all elements within an HTML... read more

WordPress Settings – Part 2

In the previous article on WordPress settings, we went over the General, Reading and Writing sections. In this article we will finish up our in depth look at the settings section of the dashboard by going over the Discussion, Media and Permalinks sections. Lets start... read more

WordPress Categories and tags

Once you know the differences between pages and posts, you are ready to learn about categories and tags within WordPress. Categories and tags make it easier for your site visitors to find the information they are looking for. What is a category? Categories provide a... read more

WordPress Pages and Posts

By default, WordPress provide two different kinds of content, pages and posts. For the majority of WordPress users, that’s all they will ever need. Whenever I teach an Intro to WordPress course, this is one of the areas that causes a great deal of confusion. So... read more

Creating your first HTML web page

In previous articles we have discussed what HTML is, looked at tags and elements, which has led up to this point where we will create our first HTML page. We will build it line by line so you get a feel for everything we¬† are doing.When we are done you’ll have a... read more

WordPress Settings- part 1

Now that we have WordPress installed, it’s time to log in and tweak some settings before we start creating our content.When you first log in, you’ll be presented with the dashboard. For a lot of new users this can be confusing. But this article will start... read more

Adding CSS to HTML with Stylesheets

In our previous article on CSS, we talked about the very basics of how CSS works and how to write CSS rules. In this article we will investigate how to attach CSS to your HTML. There are three different methods but one that is far and away your best choice. In this... read more

What is a One Click Installer?

In our previous articles on installing WordPress, we went through the very manual process of creating a database, uploading files and running the install in order to get our site up and running. While this works for some people  who want to have control over the... read more

How to Install WordPress – part 2

Welcome back. In part 1 of the series on how to install WordPress. we briefly looked at hosting , domain names, FTP clients and had you download WordPress. In this article we will continue with the installation process and discuss: Creating a database Uploading... read more

How to Install WordPress – Part 1

So you’ve decided to go with WordPress.org. great choice, but now you need to know how to install it. Welcome to part 1 of how to install WordPress. In this article we’ll discuss what you need before you get started with the actual install and then guide... read more

HTML Tags and Attributes

Before we get to writing our first HTML page (we’ll do it in the next article), you need to have an understanding of what tags, attributes and elements are.So lets get started. Tags Tags almost always come in pairs. There are a few exceptions and we’ll run... read more